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We have had two straight years of craziness with the year of the Monkey followed by the year of the Rooster.  The Rooster symbolized the need to be heard, as well as egoism, despotism and belligerence. The impulsiveness and emotional instability of the Rooster meant that taking action without thinking won out!

February 16, 2018, begins the year of the Dog. The dog symbolizes action and progress, with an emphasis on social awareness and the celebration of life. It will be less dramatic that the last two years, but it won’t be without concerns.

So, what will the year of the Earth Dog bring for your finances?

Career- Start New Ventures

This year brings with it a “now or never” factor, and provides the opportunity to transform your dreams into reality. Money will come to those who decide to be honest and fair in their business dealings. The dog is a symbol of intelligence and progress, so get started and make sure to complete your work. A dog can only rest after all activities are complete.

In addition, the earth sign offers stability and confidence for an organized personal and professional life. Success from last year’s projects can only be fully appreciated when shared with others. Companies that do right by their customers and employees will be rewarded with higher revenues in 2018.

To Do: Write up your business plan and seek out partners for your new business venture. Don’t wait another year.

Lifestyle- Don’t be wasteful

The year of the Dog is a good time for lifestyle changes and getting rid of bad habits. This can be a good time to move, and to pay special attention to your health. Time to quit smoking or lose weight. For some reason, losing weight kept coming up for Rabbits (born 1975). I guess this is the universe telling me something!

To Do: Take advantage of workplace wellness programs. If thinking about a move, jump on it.

Investments- Go ahead with Construction and Real Estate ventures

This particular year of the Dog is an “earth” year, which makes it conducive to construction and real estate. Agriculture is another area of strength.

To Do: Pull the trigger on a remodel or branch out into a real estate investment.

Family- Focus on family and have fun

In order to realize your aspirations for this year, you need to find meaning and importance in family. It’s all about the collective, not the individual. Ironically, with this solidarity can come feelings of loneliness. Be mindful of those feelings but take this year to celebrate life.

To Do: Organize more parties and enjoy life.

The Year of the Dog should be filled with idealism and progress. Objective people should be spreading good advice, but success depends on the quality of communication.

It is critical to be well-planned for 2018 as it is the stepping stone for success in 2019.

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