Exciting news! I am now the Chief Financial Planner of Domain Money. It’s the same great expert financial planning with no strings attached. And now, I have a small army of Katy’s to help more people!

Financial planning is for everyone –
not just the very wealthy.

Everyone has financial goals. The hard part can be setting those goals and creating a roadmap to attain them. Financial planning provides the starting point and the process to adapt and achieve what matters to you most. 

Financial Planning Services

Financial Plan

The Global Financial Plan is ideal for clients who want to integrate comprehensive financial planning with their existing asset manager, insurance agent and tax persons...
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Financial Plan

The Comprehensive Financial Plan includes everything in your life with a dollar sign, and while the numbers form the foundation for the plan, it is your goals and values that drive the recommendations...
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Financial Plan

The Strategic Financial Plan enables clients to choose up to three financial areas on which to focus and receive customized advice and recommendations...
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One Page
Financial Plan

The One Page Financial Plan tackles your most pressing financial issues in a real-time 90 minute financial planning session...
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Periodic updates to the financial plan for all clients who have completed the planning process. $500 each session.
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This gives clients unlimited email/phone access, as well as one 60 minute coaching session every six months where we review goal progress, investments, retirement allocations and get any financial questions answered...
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Who I Am

Raised in Rye, New York, I moved to California in 1993 to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs!). After graduating in 1997 with a B.A. in Global Economics, honors in my major and Phi Beta Kappa, I worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce in the International Trade Administration. I then attended the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in 2002. I worked as an investment banker for Citigroup until having my daughter in 2007…

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