Financial planning is for everyone—not just the very wealthy. Determining financial priorities and setting short- and long-term goals is critical for every couple or family who wants to be confident that they are making the right financial choices.

As a Marin based Financial advisor and Certified Financial Planning™ practitioner, I focus on families with young children and couples starting their lives together. These are critical years, where we are starting families, buying homes and growing our earning potential. Without good planning, it’s easy to miss out on big opportunities that will help us make the most of our financial resources and ensure that we are not only enjoying life today, but that we are on track to meet bigger life goals.

I create a customized financial plan that covers all aspects of your financial life, driven by your family’s values and goals. In short, I put the pieces of the puzzle together so you have a complete understanding of your financial picture and what it will take to reach your financial objectives. Through ongoing coaching, I provide the support and advice needed to successfully implement your financial plan. And as life changes, so does your plan. My goal is to be your trusted advisor throughout this stage of your life and future stages.

As a fee-only financial planner, my recommendations are objective and driven by what is best for your family. Each of my clients has different motivations. It is my job to help align your spending and saving with your goals, educate you on all aspects of your financial life, and give you a road map to achieving the financial future you want.