About KSFP

KSFP is the unicorn of financial planning. Objective and customized financial planning for a flat-fee. We put the pieces of your financial puzzle together and provide actionable advice to take the stress out of money.

KSFP focuses on families with young children and couples starting their lives together.  Why? Because these are critical years when you are starting a family, buying a home, and growing your earnings. Without good planning, it is easy to miss opportunities that will help you make the most of your financial resources. KSFP helps you enjoy life today and know you are on track to meet bigger life goals. We offer four levels of initial financial planning from the Global Plan to the One Page Plan . Once you have completed the planning process, we support you through ongoing coaching and annual financial updates. As life changes, so does your plan. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor throughout this stage of your life and onward. As a fiduciary, KSFP recommendations are objective and driven by what is best for clients. It is the mission of KSFP to help align client spending and saving with their goals, educate them on all aspects of their financial life, and provide a road map to achieving the financial future desired. We offer a hands-on approach that keeps clients accountable to their financial goals.

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