Say goodbye to the Year of the Pig, and hello to the Year of the Rat, the first year of the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle. Last year, the Pig was supposed to symbolize wealth and generosity, and be a calming force in world events. Hmmm, not so sure that manifested. The Rat is all about new beginnings and energy.

So, what will the year of the Metal Rat mean for your money?


As the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat represents new opportunities. It should be a strong and prosperous year for all. However, you need to follow your goals with confidence and determination. This carries over into your hobbies as well. This is a great year to evolve. When met with obstacles, don’t get discouraged. Persevere. Those born in the year of the Horse (1978), should avoid risky sports as they may not fair well.

Long-term Projects

This is a good year to buy real estate, start a business or invest money. Long-term projects have a great chance of success but only if carefully planned. Don’t try to make a fast buck this year. The water element cycle will last the next 4-5 years, meaning short-term bets might get washed away.

Sector Investments

Industries that will likely benefit in this Zodiac year are energy, power generation, entertainment, Real Estate, software and IT. Autos, banking and machinery will also do well. Avoid sectors like shipping, transportation and communications.

The Economy

The general economy will become more bearish and the pace of growth should slow. December 2020 will be the peak of the water element and thus provoke fear and anxiety. Looking back, the last year of the Rat was 2008, when Wall Street was in turmoil. The next 4-5 years will likely bring greater pessimism and cynicism.

According to Raymond Lo, 2020 is a favorable year for Trump and he is likely to win a second term. He says that Putin will also have a strong year.

The Rat is a protector and bringer of prosperity. It provides for creative energy and a time to start long-term investments. Be resilient. In the face of challenges, step up and keep going.