Financial Minimalism

Money can be complicated. It can cause stress, tensions in relationships, and disappointments. However, money can also help provide opportunity, a sense of security and happiness. It seems nearly impossible to focus on what matters most with all the distractions of modern day life. Short-term gratification has become the panacea to feeling over-worked and under-appreciated. […]

Kids Savings Account- Do they need one?

No, children do not need a savings account but most parents feel like they should open one up as soon as their child gets their first birthday or holiday check. Most of the time, these account balances hover around the same amount of money for years and the bank pays very little interest (like 0.01%). […]

True Costs of Education

If you have children, a huge driver of where you choose to live depends on where your little ones will go to school. If you live in San Francisco, you can roll the dice on public schools or join the arduous process of getting into private school. If you have moved out of the city […]

Can you afford a family pet?

I love dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. I have always had a Golden in my life. I had Max, Toby, Jake, Clyde, Bow, Gussie and now Cali. I got Bow when I was in college and Gussie a few years later. Each dog lived to the age of 13, and each passed away when I had […]

Living the Dream in the Bay Area- Is it worth it?

The Bay Area is a beautiful place to live. Mountains, beaches, great weather, robust economy, wine country, great food, active inhabitants, etc. However, making a life here is no small feat. To break even in this area you have to gross $250,000 as a family. To make this much money most families need to have […]


Do not waste your time planning out every detail of your life this year! The influence of the Monkey puts everything into flux. The Monkey is witty, intelligent, fast-moving and interested in new discoveries. This is a sharp contrast to the peace, tranquility and harmony of the Year of the Sheep to which we say […]

Surviving the Cost of Kids

It is hard to save money when you have kids. The cost of full-time childcare so that both parents can work is astronomical. Adding to those fixed costs are all the extra expenses like activities, camp, baby supplies, toys, birthday parties and even an extra seat on the airplane while travelling. Having kids is expensive! […]

Credit Cards: Friend or Foe

With today’s perks, credit cards can help you earn free flights, hotel stays, gift cards and give you actual cash back. The average cardholder has 3.7 cards in their wallet and carries a balance of over $4,800. Racking up credit card debt can be like putting on holiday pounds; it is quick and can be […]

Take A Paid Vacation

For most homeowner’s in the Bay Area, your home is your largest asset. The great thing about owning a home from a financial perspective is that it is an appreciating asset (goes up in value over time) from which you get utility (you get to live in it!), and you get a tax benefit from […]

Listen to Your Father

I had the privilege to sit down and speak with the father of one of my clients, who has been very successful in his financial life, and to get his words of wisdom on how to build a solid foundation for a young family’s finances. There was a consistent thread that wove throughout our discussion; […]