Build Your Financial House

I have no idea where the phrase “getting your financial house in order” comes from. A quick Google search resulted in nothing useful. I guess the idiom makes sense since a house starts with blue print (plan) and is comprised of rooms that have purpose like a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms (specific accounts or areas […]

Take A Paid Vacation

For most homeowner’s in the Bay Area, your home is your largest asset. The great thing about owning a home from a financial perspective is that it is an appreciating asset (goes up in value over time) from which you get utility (you get to live in it!), and you get a tax benefit from […]

Surviving the Cost of Kids

It is hard to save money when you have kids. So how can you survive and save while your children are young? Here are my Top Four Action Items to get you saving during the cash crunch years of early childhood.

Top 5 Financial Moves for 2013

With uncertain economic times, here are the Top 5 Financial Moves for 2013. Make these financial moves and improve your family’s financial future now.

Top 20 ESSENTIAL Financial Tips for Couples

I created the Top 20 ESSENTIAL Financial Tips for Couples that is available for download at . Clink on the link to receive your FREE copy. By following these financial tips, you will create a solid financial foundation as a couple and family. Laying the ground work NOW ensures financial security and stability for years to come.

Cost of Food: Eating up your budget?

Family Food Budget One of the wonderful things about living in the Bay Area is the excellent food.  But spending at great groceries stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants can add up each month.  Food related expenses tend to eat up a big part of a family budget, and one of the most frequent questions I […]