How much is Mom Worth?

Time To Buy A New Car

I bought my last car a year after finishing business school and pre-kids. I bought an Audi Allroad (which my […]

Back to Basics & Harmony – The Year of the Sheep (Goat)

The wild ride from the Year of the Horse is almost over. Last year was a very busy year, full […]

Tax Season – Time to Trim the Financial Fat

It is everyone’s favorite season… tax time! Breaking even on taxes is like seeing a Jack-a-lope. It does not happen […]

The Do Nothing Financial Plan

One of my favorite financial planners, Carl Richards, drew this sketch on the left. This image sums […]

Retire Happy

Most retire happypeople start off life happy but see a decline in well-being during adulthood. The stress of raising a […]

Living Abroad – Making it a Reality

At the age of 16, I went to Europe for the first time with two friends, a Eurail pass and […]